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I suggest that your next new website be developed using WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS makes it easier to make updates and add functionality and technology later on. The content (copy, images, etc.) is stored in a database and then automatically sent to a visitor’s web browser. Because News and Events are important to the visitor’s coming to your site, WordPress is the right platform for delivering this type of content more efficiently.

Here are the some major benefits of using WordPress:


1. #1 CMS in the USA

WordPress is used by bloggers, non-profits, and businesses worldwide. And not just small businesses, but also Fortune 500 brands like GM, UPS, eBAY, Sony, and Best Buy.

2. Virtually Future-Proof

Unlike other CMS platforms, WordPress is open source, which means that there are no reoccurring licensing fees and it is supported by thousands of developers who improve the platform on a daily basis.

3. WordPress is Optimized for SEO

The code behind the platform and specialized plugins make it easy to optimize all content on your website for improved search ranking.

4. Change Your Design, Whenever

Because WordPress uses a theme or skin for the design, you can change the design later without having to develop a new website from scratch.

5. Built-in Blog

You can start posting right away and WordPress makes it easy for you to categorize, add tags, and archive your posts. Comments, RSS, and email subscriptions are built right in.

6. On the Go Edits

Control your website from any computer and browser or even a mobile device. WordPress’ built-in admin let’s you make changes on the go.


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