Tools of the trade

WebDesignComI recently purchased the WordPress Web Designer’s Toolkit from I needed to get some premium themes and plugins for my newly launched web design business and thought that this was a good way to start. I had read many reviews of the iThemes Builder for WordPress and was eager to try it out. I took advantage of special deal they were having and saved several hundred dollars. However, this post is not focussed on IThemes or Builder, it is actually about the webinar site that iThemes includes full access to via the Toolkit.


First impression

hello_nametagThe site is very easy to navigate and it is chuck full of webinars that I immediately knew I wanted to check out. There are 4 main areas of the site, Schedule, Library, Forum, and Blog. Schedule lists what webinars are coming up and Library is the main warehouse for all past webinars. The Forum is the the place to go when you are stumped and need some support and the Blog is self explanatory.


Big personality, but growing on me

BenjaminBradley-TheProfessor-130x130Most of the webinars are hosted by expert WordPresser, “Professor” Benjamin Bradley. It took me a few webinars to get used his personality but he is certainly growing on me and has even made me laugh out loud a few times. Personality aside, Benjamin is not only very knowledgable about WordPress, he us also willing to share his personal experiences dealing with clients. He clearly is looking out for his fellow developers and in doing so has earned my respect.


Open Discussion

Image27Another great resource is the bi-monthly Members Only Chat webinars. As the site’s overview states, Twice a month, members of can request specific types of training. This is an exclusive benefit of membership at This is a great service and this extra attention to iThemes Members seemed unreal to me at first.



vader_thumbs_upI think I found my “go to” place for insight on how to solve design problems and to learn new stuff on a regular basis. These iThemes guys are great and this site shows they are dedicated to help developers/designers succeed. I recommend their products highly and I’m looking forward to the next webinars.


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