scoopit_bg-white is a great way to find news articles, snippets of information, infographics, etc. that you can share with your community on social media. The service also allows you create a virtual “scrapbook” to keep the information that you find most relevant to your business organized on the site.

An overview description from the website:

“ fills the need that a growing number of people and businesses have to publish content in an efficient and impacting way. By combining a big data semantic technology that helps them quickly find relevant content with an easy-to-use social publishing platform, we help them show their expertise, develop their online visibility, enrich their blogs or web sites, save time managing their social media channels and build their communities of interests.”

Watch the overview video:



MetroUI-Folder-OS-Configure-icon Setting up is simple enough but you can even use social login to make it even easier.  Once your account is  setup you simple let the system know what subjects you are most interested in.  The tool finds the topics and then you save what you want. I find it works better if you choose around 3 topics to start.


Share the scoops

Share_Logo-300x225So  the main reason I use is to find great content to tweet and post on my LinkedIn company page. However the articles you scoop can be viewed by others on the site. So as you find new content to share you are also sharing with the community.  You can even follow people that are offering the content you find most relevant. The system keeps feeding you content which makes it great for bloggers and twitter-ers alike. The service is free but you can step-up to the paid service which will give you more topics, etc.  So scoop it!




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