Sponsor a Fundraiser

If you are a local business, sponsor a fundraiser designed to help people in your community. Donate a prize and you can expect to get some positive exposure. Ask the fundraising group if you can have signage at an event or mentions in their advertising. It’s a “win/win” for you and the fundraisers.

Free Email Marketing Service

Sign up for a free email marketing service. There are several email marketing services out there that will let you use their professional software systems at no cost depending on the number of subscribers you have. This is great if you are just starting out or if your business is growing. The system I go bananas for is Mail Chimp. It has all the tools you’ll need – list management, campaign creation, analytics, and email forms you can drop right into your website. Also, the Mail Chimp folks have a cool sense of humor and they make each email blast a real hoot.

Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

Join forces with a non-competitor business that compliments your business. Create promotions or offers that each business can send to their customers via direct marketing, online, or email blasts. The each company’s customers will get introduced to something new and will certainly appreciate the perks. And in the end you will have formed a strategic marketing relationship that could last for years.

Build Your Community

I am sure you hear this all the time nowadays, but social media marketing is King. Social is relevant, business friendly, and best off all essentially Free. That being said it does take some savvy, skills, and a decent time commitment to make it really work for you. Also, if you are a small business and cannot afford a full time social media manager, there are many outside resources including consulting firms, like JL Marketing, to get things up and running and to help you create a strategy/plan that you can handle on your own.

A Little Sneaky Peaky

So whenever I want some fresh ideas on how to market my business, I often do some research on what my friendly competitors are up to on the web. While I don’t promote “stealing” ideas, it is good to at the ways that others do things differently than me. I also look at areas that they are not addresses well. For example, a good way for me to know if my marketing content is up to snuff on my website is to search for similar businesses on the Google and do a comparison.

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