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Your website is the “Hub” of your brand. It is the center of all your marketing and messaging. Whether you are a big or small company or even just a dedicated blogger, you’ll need a website that will engage, convert, encourage return visits and followers. Why? Because in today’s marketplace most people learn about companies and their products and services on the web. 83% of U.S. consumers go online to research before making a purchase according to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, a professional services firm also called PwC. So even if you are strictly a brick & mortar business you probably still need a website to attract new customers.

Right this way please…

So if your website is the “Hub” then your other marketing vehicles are the “Spokes”. This is where social media, email marketing, and online advertising come into play. They are a means to getting more traffic to your site and building your community of followers and brand advocates. What “Spokes” will you need to get the most benefit? Well that is dependent on the type of business you are running, the resources you have available, and your level of commitment.

How I roll

For my own business, I felt that I did not need a Facebook Fan Page at this time. I opted to create a LinkedIn Company Page listing all my services and company information since I am primarily trying to attract businesses that may need outside resources. I have a Twitter account that pairs nicely with LinkedIn. I also created a blog (that you are now reading) to provide useful and relevant content on my website and allow me to re-post the same content on LinkedIn and Twitter. So for me the website is the Hub and LinkedIn Company Page and Twitter are my Spokes along with blog and email marketing. I will add or change my Spokes as needed.


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