Step 1. Get yourself a resume website

iStock_000026082479XSmallLooking for employment? Need to find a new career? Here’s a novel approach. Build your own professional resume website. You can have a web-version of your resume up in a matter of days. And you can even incorporate a blog, talk about all the cool and interesting stuff you know, and get your own special spot on the web.

“I already have a LinkedIn profile, why the heck would I need an online resume too?” Well here’s the deal, when you’re looking for employment in today’s job market, you probably need to do more than submit resumes and well-crafted cover letters to get noticed. HR people and recruiters are searching for talent and they are not sticking to reviewing resumes, the’s of the world, or LinkedIn profiles. They are looking everywhere for experts, including The Google. 

Try this on… “Why Every Job Seeker Should Have a Personal Website, And What It Should Include” by Jacquelyn Smith,


Step 2. Add a Blog

iStock_000016696029XSmallContent, content, content. You’re probably an expert at something right? You have mad skills and much professional experience, right? Well share it with the world. Not only will you be helping people who are just starting out, but you will also be adding informative content to the Internet that is searchable by all. Relevant content that is attached to you and in turn may even connect you to the right job opportunity. So after your blogging what next? (pssst…read Step 3.)



Step 3. SEO & Sharing

iStock_000002276176XSmallSo now that you have this professional resume website and a blog, the next step is to get it noticed. First, you want to be sure that your site is optimized for search. aka SEO. You’ll need to get relevant keywords in place and format your meta data correctly. Second, you should submit your site map to the search engines and coerce them to “crawl” your site. And last but not least, you should share your site and blog posts with your friends, family, facebookers, twitterers, linkedIn pals, etc. In other words, everyone you know.

I always recommend using WordPress for building websites, especially for blogs. The full version of WordPress, not that “lite” version offered at And of course JL Marketing can help you build your site super fast. However If you do decide to take this on yourself, please drop me a note with any questions and I will be glad to help you out at absolutely no charge.


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