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[fak, ef-ey-kyoo]

noun,plural FAQs,FAQ’s. Chiefly Digital Technology
1.a document,in question and answer format, that introduces newcomers to a topic or answers common questions.

Where do we even start?
First, take a deep breath and then slowly exhale. There. Now doesn’t that feel better? Good. So now that you are relaxed, the first step to this process is just a conversation. During the conversation we will discuss what you want your new website to do for your business or personal branding efforts. Then we will discuss the design and functionality aspects of the site, what sites do you like or aspire to. Once we have our initial conversation, I will take a look at your existing site, if you already have one, and make my recommendations. I will also supply you with a Statement of Work (SOW) and an Cost Quote. Once we agree to the SOW and Quote, I will set you up in my accounting system, create your first invoice, schedule your project. And we’re off!
Will we need to meet in person?
Simply put, No. We have really great technology to help us in this process. We’ll use phone calls, Skype calls, screen shares, emails, etc. to get us communicating on a regular basis during the project. I work with clients all across the US from New Hampshire to California. However, if you are in the Seacoast New Hampshire area, I will certainly be very happy to meet you in person.
Why should I trust you with this very important project?
My business, JL Marketing NH is a registered LLC in the State of New Hampshire. I have over 20 years of past experience working in the corporate realm as a Global Marketing Director of a renowned consumer electronics brand.  So I totally understand the importance of delivering the best customer experience.  All services are guaranteed, my goal is always 100% satisfaction, no matter what.
What if I don’t have a logo design yet?
I can help you with your logo design. Logo design is a separate project from the website and would vary in price depending on the design requirements. I also have freelance graphic design resources as well.
How long does a website project usually take to from start to finish?
Well that is certainly a tough one to answer. It is dependent on how many pages will be included in your site, what type of functionality or integration is required, and what assets (copy, photos, etc.) are available now or need to be developed during the project. However, as a point of reference only, a typical 8-page WordPress website without ecommerce functionality should take less than one month to complete.
Can you help me figure out this hosting stuff?
Sure can. I can help you find a reputable hosting vendor, the best package for your needs, and also offer you managed  hosting services in case you’d like me to handle all your hosting needs, including email, file storage, and domains.
Will you help me learn how to use WordPress? I want to make updates myself.
Yes! I have WordPress training videos that you can reference 24/7 from the cloud. These video tutorials will guide you through each part of the WordPress admin area. And if you still need more training, I will gladly schedule time to show you the ropes. Luckily, WordPress was developed to have a similar editing experience as Microsoft Word.
Can you help me after the website is launched?
Yes I am available for maintenance work and small projects like adding functionality to a site at an hourly rate. I also offer website maintenance programs including general updates and a monthly retainer. Please visit the Services & Fees page to learn more.
Do you offer monthly maintenance plans that won’t cost me an arm and a leg?
Yes, I offer several affordable website maintenance programs including monthly general updates, monthly retainers (4 hours per month), managed website backups in the cloud, and advanced website security. Please visit the Services & Fees page to learn more.
What types of payment methods do you accept?
I use the Wave Accounting System with Stripe merchant account which let’s you securely pay your invoices using a Master Card, Visa, Discover, or AMEX credit card. I also accept personal and business checks.  Most projects require a 50% initial payment before work is started.

Let’s Get Started.

Let's Get Started. 

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