My Business Partners

Actually…they are my friends and I have worked with them on numerous projects. So, no, I’m not sending you into the proverbial “blackhole”. Instead these are my “rock star” professionals for complimentary services.

Need some more help with marketing?

Ann Manion

Brand Marketer

“I offer a fresh, modern approach to managing your marketing & take pride in being a hands-on manager and business leader.”

Peter Jude Ricciardi

Brand Marketer
“I’m a furiously inventive ideator, always willing to approach creative solutions from a variety of precipitous angles.

Kirsten Larsen Schultz

Brand Marketer

“I help small businesses with their strategic marketing so that they can maintain loyal customers and generate referrals.”

Matt Siden

Social Media Marketer

“I specialize in helping brands find a voice on the web. I provide solutions for creating, maintaining & developing your social  presence.”

I’m proud to be part of these businesses…


Advertising Anti-Agency
Nimble, Effective, and Wildy Creative

What does “Advertising Anti-Agency” mean?
It’s simple: We perform all the services a typical ad agency might, without all the b.s.
Brandartica offers clients only our most experienced, competent, and creative team — because that’s all we have. By eliminating non-productive agency roles, we run counter to the agency status quo. Some may consider this disruptive, and it is. That’s precisely how we like it.

Spark Development

Ingnite online
Builders of WordPress websites.

Spark Development formed from a group of individual web developers, designers, marketers, and solutions architects. While we have all taken different paths in our freelance businesses, each of us is committed to the idea that together, we can offer a great product at a more affordable price point than if we opened a workshop or brick-and-mortar business. Since we don’t have the overhead of a large shop, we have more energy to devote to producing mobile-ready, responsive websites and marketing solutions to advance your business.

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Web Hosting

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Let's Get Started. 

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